Pink Fish Designs


At Pink Fish Designs we love what we do because we are passionate about unique design. We love producing designs that helps convey personal messages, whether it is a personalised nameboard for a child's bedroom, or a contemporary feel for those standout wedding invitations that you deserve for your big day. We believe that no matter what memory or message you want to convey, or occasion you want to celebrate, Pink Fish Designs can allow you to relive those amazing emotions every time you look at our work. With a large selection of boy and girl nameboard designs that can be personalised to your needs, we can brighten up your child's room with an amazing, warm scene from the farm, jungle, fairy garden and much more. Our products come in various sizes and styles to suit both wall and door mounting. Pink Fish Designs is also passionate about designing stationary for your special occasions. We have dozens of elegant pieces for you to choose from, or with our consultation we can help you create your own package.